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Early Spring in Sun Moon Lake of Central Taiwan.

台灣中部 日月潭初春景觀

That was my first excursion to the Sun Moon Lake of Central Taiwan. Such a lovely place, how come I never knew before? In fact, it was a 5-days-shooting trip and also a location scouting for another adversiting shoot in two weeks. 2 vehicles packed with my colleagues and heavy gear.

首度開跋到台灣中部的日月潭 我之前怎麼都不知道有這麼美的地方? 事實上 我和一群工作夥伴共乘兩部車 載滿重裝備 任務是 專程去那兒拍照上工五天 同時 幫二個禮拜後的另一件廣告攝影勘察景點

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Over 2,600 visits within 12 hours, right after had I uploaded this stunning picture on my previous blog.



超過 2,600 人次上網來閱覽本文 此照才上傳到我的舊部落格根本還不到12小時


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