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我在出版印刷市場如此不景氣的當口 咬緊牙根自行策劃台灣業界並不看好 遊客又陌生的菲律賓海島旅遊記述書 甚至 連出版商都不願意幫我辦新書發表記者會 在毫無商業體制奧援的情況下推出 想不到 會引起小小的共鳴 三個月來 居然還能透過日本的紀伊國書屋把書賣到新加坡去 目前 正準備第二刷上市 因為這些海島實在是太美了 我前後花了兩年 不計成本 且 不計酬(推辭絕大部份自動上門的工作 苦哈哈)地奔波往返 製作這本書籍的用意旨在推廣美好共享 感謝因為“窩在五星級小島”結緣的書友們的支持 加上菲律賓國家觀光部全員暨 Hon Joseph Ace H. Durano 無微不至的鼎力協助 相信世界級絕美海島的心曠神怡 也擄獲不少驚豔的新菲律賓海島愛好者 就算是臥遊也頂不錯 我的見識 我的理想 我的視覺 透過印刷的媒介 希望你也能一同親身感受

I sunk my teeth into publishing this Philippine (less known) islands (in Taiwan) travel book "Dream Vacation Islands" hitting the high inflation and high depression of the local markets voluntarily.  Not even my publisher willing to manage a decent press conference for the new book released. In another word, I am all alone in the situation to promote it. To my surprise, it causes small attentions. Three months after, also to be able to penetrate unexpectedly to sell this book to Singapore via world-famous Japanese Kinokuniya's distribution channels.

At present time of writing this article, Taiwan version 2nd reprinted is in the process. I must confess that these islands in my book are really more than just too stunning. It drove me spending two years, not to care about the costs, not calculate compensations (declined many major job calls automatically). Only to pay numerous roundtrips during the making of this book. My intentions behind was for the purposes of promoting sharing such wonderful destinations in this world. Thanks to those five-star islands readers out there throughout Asia countries. Million thanks to the Philippine Department of Tourism entire staff officers leading by Honorable Joseph Ace H. Durano. For the meticulous and kind efforts and assistances.

I believed that these world-class beautiful and completely relaxed islands also capture many startled new Philippine islands lovers. This book is not only just demonstrating my experience and my ideal, also my vision through the printing medium. I sincerely hope you will be able to explore it, see it and feel it by yourselves as well.

窩在五星級小島(長灘島與愛妮島)2006年11月中下旬首度 在 睽違已久的台灣發行 三個月後 新加坡上市 目前準備出版第二刷 在這艱難的時刻 不啻 是為個人重回台灣出版市場考驗的試金石 各位 我回來了!

My first travel book of Philippines of the "Dream Vacation Islands (Boracay and El Nido)" was released in Taiwan in mid-November, 2006. Also available in Singapore (via Kinokuniya, Japan) since February, 2007. Second press in preparation now in March, 2007. People, I shall be making a comeback this time!

旅店浪人的 O.S.: 心裡有個小疑問順便在此提出 菲律賓海島愛好者 你們都躲在哪兒啊 雖然我總在忙通告 (因為投入“窩在五星級小島”這本書而兩袖清風 只好 只能 趕快一直找事做) 不見得有空能回覆留言 但 起碼現身在部落格版上喊一聲吧

西元 1998, 1999, 2000 年

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2007年2月新書──輕旅行 005

窩在五星級小島(長灘島與愛妮島)2007年2月 (由日本 紀伊國書屋 引進) 已經在新加坡上市

Dream Vacation Islands (Boracay and El Nido) available in Singapore (by Kinokuniya, Japan) in February, 2007.

2006年11月新書──輕旅行 005


Dream Vacation Islands (Boracay and El Nido) released in Taiwan in mid-November, 2006.

西元 1998, 1999, 2000 年

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