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I started social networking for getting internet connection, in the USA, somewhere 15 years back.

I came up with the idea of naming myself (an unforeseen term of) "Hotel Trotter". This ID name perfectly fits right into my career arc of combining lifestyle with world travel.

And then, began my personal blogging in recent years about world experience under my belt.

我大概15年以前在美國 開始透過戶聯網路與社群網絡連結

因此 我自創了 “旅店浪人” 這個 (中英文皆) 前所未見的名詞 這個網路 ID 名字完全適合地切入 我與世界旅行並結合生活方式的事業軸線

然後 近年來我開始了關於個人親身體驗世界經驗的部落格

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Copyrights Infringement (or copyright violation) is the unauthorized use of material that is covered by copyright law, in a manner that violates one of the copyright owner's exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works.
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我也碰過作品被本地 混血超大的廣告公司 把我在泰國拍的照片拿去做豪華別墅案的大廣告 (這還會缺預算嗎 根本是不尊重) 直到我回台灣才發現

也曾在網路上看到自己的圖片出現在一位完全不認識作者的書本封面上 奇怪 那家出版社我也沒聽過耶 怎麼可能跟我“借”得到片子?

如果事先未被告知 或不付版權費已經很過份了 甚至是二次“利用” 居然還不肯主動出示創作者名號 最過分的 還可能連創作者的名字也是別人的 而不是 唐 Don Schumann

你們到底要到哪一年才能進化到 "付版稅 正我名” 的年代?

The "misuse" of copyrights are still common in Taiwan.

Years ago I returned to Taiwan only then to find out that there was a local hybrid advertising giant choosing to use one of my shots taken in Thailand for a luxury villa campaign without my knowledge, nor paying me a dine for it. Do not tell me they fell short of budget in this case!

Also, I discovered one of the pictures I took appeared on a book cover which was belonged to an author I did not even know. Never heard of its publisher either. I wonder whom they actually "borrowed" that cover shot from?

It is so rude without being noticed in advance nor being paid the copyright royalties. Oftentimes, pictures were being reused without giving me credits. Some are even imprinted others names instead of mine, 唐 Don Schumann.

When are you going to evolve into the "paying royalties and giving my name back" era?

Latest found examples,

Where is my name, when my work helps creating web flows and while you are collecting advertisement fees and you are selling magazines copies?
我的作品幫您創造網路流量 當您在收取鉅額的廣告費時 以及 龐大的實體雜誌營收時 您把原作者的名字擺哪裡?

Where is my name, when my work helps creating web flows and while you are collecting advertisement fees and you are selling magazines copies?
我的作品幫您創造網路流量 當您在收取鉅額的廣告費時 以及 龐大的實體雜誌營收時 您把原作者的名字擺哪裡?

Why is my name (photo credit) replaced by someone I do not know? Did you pay me yet?
為什麼我的創作權名字被一個陌生人取代? 我收費了嗎?

Why is my name (photo credit) replaced by some travel magazine I never work with? While you are collecting advertisement fees and you are selling magazines copies, where, exactly, my copyrights are?
為什麼我的創作權名字被一家從未合作過的旅遊雜誌社取代? 當您在收取鉅額的廣告費時 以及 龐大的實體雜誌營收時 您把原作者的名字和權益擺哪裡?

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(10/25/2008 Updated) I found this site is not very non-Chinese speaking friendly even I had ticked the "English Interface" button. I apologize to all of non-Chinese Speakers/Readers for facing difficulties while reading my articles on this Don Schumann Photography Work Log. Do not panic! This blog's articles were written around 15% in Chinese, 35% in English & the rest 50% in Bilingual.

Here are the simplest tips, hope to guide you to browse through my blog in a breeze.

Step 1.
Here is my Home Page looks like.

Step 2.
All of my articles are in preview state. If you found a certain articles interesting, please click 1. Above "My Subject Line".

2. the "More" in order to link you to the detailed article page. That is it. Enjoy it!


There you go!!

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About Don Schumann Photography  (updated, 10/25/2008)

I am now resident in Taipei, Taiwan. However I am taking assignments worldwide since 1988. Don Schumann Photography covers a broad range of subjects. Shooting editorial, scenery, interior, glamour, fashion and people portrait for industrial, commercial and advertising clients. My feature articles of international travel, food and dining for both (periodical and/or in-flight) magazines and major newspapers frequently appear since 1995. A couple picture-oriented title and travel books published in between.

2005    Set up a photography firm in Taiwan.
2004    Photographed for Philippine Department of Tourism, then became the official photographer.
2001    Current home based in Taipei, Taiwan, covering Southeast Asia and Middle East regions.
1999    Transfered to London, UK, covering the Europe continent as well.
1995    Home based back in Los Angeles.
1992    Took assignments from a couple Japanese magazines/companies. Started my fashion and glamor photography.
1990    Participated in a Dutch group for the stage performance. Joined an American/British theatrical firm doing commercial performance.
1989    Shot for for American organizations and Dutch dance groups.
1988    Started commercial photography in Hong Kong, aiming primarily at Southeast Asia multinational corporations.

©Don Schumann, All Rights Reserved. Images on this site may not be used without written permission from Don Schumann.

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My Food Shots
Do you like my food shots? In fact, most of my food shots, 99% maybe, are casual and faulty. Maybe you have come to realize I had made some fine cuisine pictures of First-Class meals for airliners, and some for a French wine company. Those were very rare cases. I am not a professional expert for food photography. Just do them for a handful good friends.

你喜歡我的美食照片嗎? 實際上 我大多數的食物攝影  約99% 都是隨機隨興和有暇疵的 或許你偶然發現一些航空公司頭等艙美食和少許法國名酒公司美好的烹調圖片是我的作品 終究 那些是非常罕見的事例 我並不是一位專業食物攝影專家 只為極少數好朋友出手而已 切莫見笑

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Over 2,600 visits within 12 hours, right after had I uploaded this stunning picture on my previous blog.



超過 2,600 人次上網來閱覽本文 此照才上傳到我的舊部落格根本還不到12小時


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My Color
I am not going down to the details. You should have seen the instant playback on my LCDs on the back of digital cameras. So much more vivid and vibrant than on the blogs. All the settings or corrections (if any) are to minimize the color discrepancy between my old film work and digital ones. That means my film works are all highly color saturated matching the high end commercial standards already, unretouched! Only the best top Hollywood color lab needed. Of course I have been developing my own color rendition preference and style. By the way, the pictures you see on my blogs, contrast, sharpness, tone curve all are highly distorted on purpose for showcasing.

我將略過細節 真希望你有機會看到我數位相機背上面屏幕裡的即時影像 極其生動和充滿活力的色彩 遠遠凌駕於部落格之上 那才叫做“飽和” 所有設定或修正 (如有必要的話) 是使我原先的傳統底片作品和數位圖檔之間的顏色差誤減到最小 那意味 我的傳統底片作品全部是高度飽和的顏色 用來匹配高端商業照片標準 未經修片! 最佳的效果必須搭配好萊塢最頂尖的彩色沖片公司 當然 我發展出我自己顏色詮釋的偏好和風格 順便說一聲 在我的部落格看到的圖片 舉凡是 對比反差 銳利度 或是 色彩曲線 都刻意地經過高度壓縮成為展示用途

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