I am The Wizard of Image. I create the finest things in this world for you. I catch the heart-throbbing rays in this moment for you. I render the best colors in this life for you. But I can not give you Brains, Heart or Courage. That is beyond my reach. Do you see the light in front of you that I am creating yet? You should not put this off any longer. Use your greatly inner power right now. You know what you have to do to make up for lost time yourself. Time to do it. And you will definitely get it, I am sure.

我是影像的法師 我在這個世界裡為您創造最美好的事物 我在這片刻間為您捕捉悸動的光芒 我在這生命中為您詮釋最佳的色彩 但我無法給您智慧 心腸或勇氣 那是在我伸手可及的距離之外 瞧見了我在您眼面所投射的美好光影嗎 您不應該再給自己任何拖延的藉口 善用您巨大的潛在能量 您應該知道如何來彌補自己錯失的時機 正是現在 您將得償所願 我深信不疑

Photo by Assistant A.
Hairstyle by Assistants E. & F.
Creation & Lighting by me, Don
Makeup & Styling by A. & me, Don

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