News on 6/25/2008

Don 在中廣電台接受 “綺麗世界” 李秀媛小姐訪談 2008/6/25 15:30~16:00 (台灣╱香港時間) 現場直播

Savoring Cebu*
Don will be doing live broadcasting interview with the BCC Radio talk show hostess Miss Lee Xioyuan on 6/25/2008, at 15:30~16:00 (Taiwan/Hong Kong local time).

* 玩味宿霧島 - 唐 Don Schumann 最新菲律賓宿霧島的旅遊書 目前在台灣零售價$280 NTD 美國的美金售價$18.99 USD 在加拿大的加幣定價$19.54 CND 皆免運費(內含)

* Savoring Cebu - 唐 Don Schumann's latest new travel book of Cebu, Philippines. The retail selling price is $280 NTD for Taiwan, $18.99 USD for United States and $19.54 CND for Canada (shipping and handling charges are included).


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