Hotel Trotter - Travel Expert Part II
Ocean Park, the first and only open-water marine park in Southeast Asia. This theme Park is inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Aside from the show, there are water-related activities such as water slides and boat rides, plus you can swim with the orca whales. Bring swim suits for yourself and the children.

旅店浪人 - 超級島遊家 Part II
海洋公園 全東南亞國家第一座 而且是唯一的開放式海洋公園 這個主題樂園是在蘇比克灣特別行政區域裡面 除了各項表演之外 也有許多與水相關的活動 加上您可以與海怪鯨魚游泳 千萬要記得為你自己和小孩帶泳裝前來

Brian 阿布
Styling by Tina
Hairstyle by Brian
Lighting by Assistants Simon & E
Makeup, Creation & Photos by me, Don


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