(10/25/2008 Updated) I found this site is not very non-Chinese speaking friendly even I had ticked the "English Interface" button. I apologize to all of non-Chinese Speakers/Readers for facing difficulties while reading my articles on this Don Schumann Photography Work Log. Do not panic! This blog's articles were written around 15% in Chinese, 35% in English & the rest 50% in Bilingual.

Here are the simplest tips, hope to guide you to browse through my blog in a breeze.

Step 1.
Here is my Home Page looks like.

Step 2.
All of my articles are in preview state. If you found a certain articles interesting, please click 1. Above "My Subject Line".

2. the "More" in order to link you to the detailed article page. That is it. Enjoy it!


There you go!!


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