This set of billboard commercial work was done in 4/14/2006, in a beach resort of Laoag city, Philippines.
The 9-meters-long (30-foot-long) billboard is shown right in the middle of Sogo, Mega and Mitsukoshi, along the San Dor Road and Zong San Road in KaoHsiung City. It is near to the tallest hotel in Taiwan, The Grand HanLai Hotel. Displaying will be ended by 7/9/2006.

這套商業廣告招牌的攝影工作於 4/14/2006 在拉瓦格的海灘渡假勝地完成的
就在臺灣高雄市的三多路和中山路交叉口 九公尺長的廣告目前懸掛在 Sogo Mega 和 Mitsukoshi 中間 靠近全臺灣最高的旅館漢來飯店 展示期間到 7/9/2006 止

Styling by Tina & Akane Souma
Setup  & Assistants by Jerry & AJ
Modeling by Akane Souma (相馬茜)
Makeup & Hairstyle by Akane Souma
Creation & Photos by me, 唐 Don Schumann


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