I am so glad that all of you appreciate my hard work. You are free to to copy, distribute and transmit my work posted on the web sites for noncommercial purposes. However, my work has some rights reserved. Please read through my "Creative Commons License" page beforehand. Thank you.

得來不易的艱辛工作成果受到諸位的讚賞 個人感到很欣慰 歡迎您以非商業性的目的 自行複製並散佈和傳送我的圖片創作以及文章著作 然而 我張貼在網站上的工作成品仍然保留些許的創作權益 使用前 請事先詳讀我個人的 “創用 CC 授權條款 准許頁面” 謝謝

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