Dear blogging friends,

My name is Don, of course, you all knew already.
Thanks for dropping by and posting valuable comments here. I am so sorry for being crazily busy these days and being a bad friend. I am still having many upcoming projects waiting, so many locations to fly for work. I will try my best to continue to upload my new hotel adventure diaries, I promise. See you! It is likely somewhere, sometime, all over the globe.

唐 Don Schumann


感謝走訪並在這裡張貼寶貴的評論。這些日子來我還是瘋狂地繁忙著的,很抱歉,我是一個壞朋友。 我仍然有許多即將來臨的工作合約等待被完成,許多地點等著為工作而飛行。 我將設法盡力繼續上傳,我最新的旅館冒險日誌,我許諾。 再會!可能是任何地點,任何時間,在全世界的各個角落。

唐 Don Schumann


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