Will not be available between 11/1 and 11/4/2007 11/9 and 11/12/2007. Just in case, if you need to contact me, please try to SMS and/or email me, or leave your messages on my blogs. Here is my local number +63.919.8830.210. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you.

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11/1 - 11/4/2007 11/9 -11/12/2007 期間無法為您服務。 如果,您需要與我聯繫,請嘗試以“英文簡訊” 並且/或者 發送 “電子郵件” 給我,或者請留下信息在我的部落格。當地手機  +63.919.8830.210 。為此不便,深感抱歉與謝謝愛護。


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