My Color
I am not going down to the details. You should have seen the instant playback on my LCDs on the back of digital cameras. So much more vivid and vibrant than on the blogs. All the settings or corrections (if any) are to minimize the color discrepancy between my old film work and digital ones. That means my film works are all highly color saturated matching the high end commercial standards already, unretouched! Only the best top Hollywood color lab needed. Of course I have been developing my own color rendition preference and style. By the way, the pictures you see on my blogs, contrast, sharpness, tone curve all are highly distorted on purpose for showcasing.

我將略過細節 真希望你有機會看到我數位相機背上面屏幕裡的即時影像 極其生動和充滿活力的色彩 遠遠凌駕於部落格之上 那才叫做“飽和” 所有設定或修正 (如有必要的話) 是使我原先的傳統底片作品和數位圖檔之間的顏色差誤減到最小 那意味 我的傳統底片作品全部是高度飽和的顏色 用來匹配高端商業照片標準 未經修片! 最佳的效果必須搭配好萊塢最頂尖的彩色沖片公司 當然 我發展出我自己顏色詮釋的偏好和風格 順便說一聲 在我的部落格看到的圖片 舉凡是 對比反差 銳利度 或是 色彩曲線 都刻意地經過高度壓縮成為展示用途


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