The luxury tropical island breeze is beckoning me and my team again. I am out of town for "Dream Vacation Islands Part II" on-site locations. Will not be available between 8/18 - 8/31/2007. Just in case, if you need to contact me, please try to SMS and/or email me, or leave your messages on my blogs. Here is my local number +63.919.8830.210 as well. Thank you. Note: No cellular signals coverage on a certain islands. Sorry about that!

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奢華的熱帶島嶼海風正在召喚著我和我的工作成員 進行“窩在五星級小島 Part II”系列 外景工作 8/18 - 8/31/2007 期間 如有要事 請以簡訊或電郵聯絡 在此部落格留言亦可 另有當地電話備詢 謝謝 公告: 部份渡假島嶼沒有架設基地台 如果收不到訊號 請見諒


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